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ESG Data Analytics

Transform your ESG strategy

XIRI-Analytics is a data analytics platform that provides you with deeper insights into your ESG and sustainability progress through comprehensive data collected from official assessments.


As a corporation, you may get your factories around 
the world to undergo the Official COSIRI Assessment. Compiling and comparing the results across your factories can help you identify high and low-performing dimensions. This data-backed intelligence and insights enable you to develop targeted improvement actions.
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INCIT develops and deploys globally referenced frameworks, tools, concepts and programs for the international manufacturing community to drive industrial transformation and progress.


Governments may want to assess the ESG performance of specific economic sectors, including industries' environmental data, clean tech adoption, budget allocation, and workforce development. XIRI-Analytics’ sustainability data dashboard provides detailed insights and comparisons by region, country, sector, industry, and segment, revealing otherwise hidden data. These insights enable governments to craft targeted policies, grants, and subsidies, enhancing economic competitiveness.

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Associations have members that represent the ecosystem of their respective industries. This could range from end-user manufacturers to semi-finished manufacturers, suppliers, raw brokers, traders, logistics, warehouses, and more. Having the ESG insights for each segment empowers the association to develop programs that enhance sustainability performance both individually and collectively as an industry.
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