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COSIRI Programme

COSIRI Programme

The COSIRI Programme consists of a training course and a certification course.
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The COSIRI Training Programme is a 5-day (40 hours) course. The course covers topics such as:
  • Why sustainability
  • The forces at work compelling sustainability
  • Its impact on businesses
  • COSIRI-24 Dimensions
  • How to conduct Official COSIRI Assessments
  • How to interpret the assessment results
  • How to develop a transformation roadmap and more.
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Upon completion of the training, participants who want to go on to become a Certified COSIRI Assessor will have to undergo the examinations. The examination consists of two parts:
  1. Theory Exam – 50 MCQ questions
  2. Practical Exam – Case study exam

​To be officially certified, the candidate must pass the theory and practical exams, and have a combined score of above 70 out of 100 marks.
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