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Key differences

Choose the right sustainability framework that fits what your organisation needs


Although both are environmental assessment frameworks, COSIRI-10 and COSIRI-24 can each serve a different purposes and value for you depending on what your organisation needs. See the key differences between both frameworks.

ESG Data analytics

Along with the Best-in-Class comparison and 3B Benchmark in your Official COSIRI Assessment report, gain access to further ESG data and insights with our advanced analytic products.
Unlock deeper insights with XIRI-Analytics

Explore COSIRI


Explore our offerings and embark on your Centered around sustainable business processes, COSIRI-10 is the ideal assessment for new SMEs as well as MNCs seeking interim sustainability checks.


Choose the right framework for your organisation. See the key differences between COSIRI-10 and COSIRI-24, including the scope of its data analytics.

COSIRI Programme

Empower yourself with cutting-edge sustainability knowledge and expertise. Become a certified sustainability consultant and drive impactful change.


  • A comprehensive assessment suitable for 
companies of all sizes

  • Examines a company's sustainability strategy, 
integration of sustainability practices across the organization, investment support, risk management, workforce development, and external communications

  • The assessment report is longer and more comprehensive with more dimensions in the Prioritisation Matrix


  • A quick environmental assessment most suitable for SMEs and MNCs that want a quick snapshot of their overall evnrionmental performance

  • Focuses on GHG emissions, water and energy use, material waste, and pollution

  • The assessment report is shorter and more condensed with a smaller Prioritisation Matrix
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