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Introducing COSIRI-24

COSIRI-24 is a robust end-to-end environmental assessment framework that assesses 24 dimensions across four key building blocks: Strategy and Risk, Sustainable Business Processes, Technology, and Organisation and Governance.
It covers the corporate strategy and efforts on ESG, setting of and operationalising of targets, determining climate risks, GHG emissions, water, energy, waste, pollution, supply chain, all the 
way down to clean technology, workforce development, and external communications
COSIRI-24 ensures that every aspect of the organisation, from R&D and warehousing to external value chain stakeholders like suppliers and logistics partners, are involved in the company’s sustainability transformation journey.
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Who is COSIRI-24 for?

Small and Medium-sized
Enterprises (SMEs)

COSIRI-24 is the ideal solution for SMEs embarking on their sustainability journey. In the face of rapid developments in sustainability, impending regulations, and the challenge of establishing a robust framework, COSIRI-24 provides the perfect starting point and a clear path for improvement.
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Companies seeking 
investors or financing

With sustainability becoming an increasingly integral part of investment considerations, COSIRI-24 is suited for companies seeking investor funding or financing as it provides valuable insights that can bolster confidence among investors.
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Who is COSIRI-24 for?

Data from the questionnaire will enable deeper understanding of the company’s environmental performance.

Through data comparison, the company can assess their performance relative to their industry peers locally, regionally, or globally.

Granular analysis is crucial for companies to prioritise and chart their transformation journey, and make data-backed decisions regarding investments, improvements, and ongoing monitoring.

COSIRI-24 includes
a full set of ESG questionnaire that provide deeper insights into the company’s 
ESG journey.

COSIRI-24 Outcomes

All COSIRI-24 assessments are conducted by a certified COSIRI Assessor onsite, at the assessed facilities.
on completion, the assessor will generate a report to show you the result.

Explore COSIRI


Explore our offerings and embark on your Centered around sustainable business processes, COSIRI-10 is the ideal assessment for new SMEs as well as MNCs seeking interim sustainability checks.

Key Differences

Choose the right framework for your organisation. See the key differences between COSIRI-10 and COSIRI-24, including the scope of its data analytics.

COSIRI Programme

Empower yourself with cutting-edge sustainability knowledge and expertise. Become a certified sustainability consultant and drive impactful change.
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